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Small Business Intranet

Having an intranet is important, especially for small business. To be able to securely communicate with coworkers and employees is crucial to the running of any company. It can be very difficult to manage schedules and tasks between employees in the office, but an Intranet, or Local Area Network, connects all the devices in an area to a single network that does not need to be synced to the internet. All employees can connect with one another using an Intranet platform (software) over the Intranet (network). In this way they can share the important tacit knowledge with one another that is key to running the company which is either time-sensitive or difficult to verbalize.

The key to setting up a solid Intranet is the infrastructure. Network architecture is very important, especially as your business grows. You need to be able to accommodate new users and provide uninterrupted services to current users. This freedom will prevent your office from becoming a tangle of wires with unreliable service. A bonus is the higher speeds you can achieve internally as you are not limited by an external provider but by the capacity of the cabling.

Network architecture for an Intranet begins with the cable, jacks for the cable chosen, faceplates, patch panel, raceway, patch cords, and j-hooks. An experienced technician is needed to pull the cable for you so that it is properly tested and terminated. Look for a company with BICSI certified technicians to be sure your cabling is up to code.

Once completed, your intranet can be plugged in to the Internet, allowing you the freedom to communicate with the company internally and interact with other stakeholders outside of the company’s Local Area Network.

Kathi BleaseSmall Business Intranet