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What is a BICSI Certification?

BICSI is a professional association for the telecommunications industry. According to their website, they serve nearly 23,000 professionals and spans more than 100 countries.

They have multiple levels and types of certifications/credentials they offer for the industry. These include:

-Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)

-Registered Telecommunications Project Manager (RTPM)

-Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC)

-Outside Plant Designer (OSP)

Of these the RCDD is crucial for many projects. For example, both the Department of Defense and the Army require and RCDD on staff for any telecommunications project. The RCDD designs and executes a project from beginning to end, trying to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. They oversee the project to be sure the design is being followed correctly and sign off upon completion.

Additionally, they have a cabling installation program with four credentials:

-Installer 1

-Installer 2, Copper

-Installer 2, Optical Fiber


Technicians have the knowledge to be leads technicians for their company and to manage that team throughout a full project.

These credentials are important for both the customers and telecommunication companies to be sure that all technicians on the job have the proper training, knowledge, and skills for a project.

Kathi BleaseWhat is a BICSI Certification?