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Intranet Communications Group Inc. is now a Partner of WilsonPro

Many existing buildings have trouble maintaining cellular reception throughout and some building owners are not aware that there is a solution for this problem! WilsonPro has a passive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that detects signal(s) then uses, amplifies, and broadcasts the detected signal(s) throughout an area. The result of a successful WilsonPro passive DAS installation is the ability to make calls, send and receive text messages, browse the internet, and download/upload via your cellular signal.

Additionally, WilsonPro is unique in that it provides a carrier agnostic solution. One antenna can serve multiple cellular providers.

Their product also uses a passive DAS and thus requires a minimally invasive installation as compared with active DAS. This is why WilsonPro’s passive DAS cellular amplifiers are an affordable solution for owners looking to boost their guests/tenants cell phone reception.

WilsonPro’s premier cellular amplifier is now a part of the portfolio of solutions offered by Intranet Communications Group. Please reach out to us for more information! 561-367-7276.

Kathi BleaseIntranet Communications Group Inc. is now a Partner of WilsonPro